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yoh yoh yoh. sorry for neglecting my blog like this. I guess I have been super busy lately. BUSY LIVING because I'm so close to my last month here in Europe and it kinda freaks me out. I have so much to organise, write, memorise, laugh at, smile at, take in, experience and it's overwhelming...once again.

My brother dear is arriving on Saturday morning and it feels surreal imagining the boy in my living space. I simply cannot wait to show him around and see his eyes widen as he experiences his magical city. And next week, Michael and I are embarking on our sibling-bonding Euro-trip. Berlin, Krakow, Prague and Munich by means of interrrail and CouchSurfing. It's been a bit stressful organising this trip, but I think it will all work out. It's Europe right...what could possibly go wrong? HA! "A lot" I here you say, but I believe that we'll be just fine and if all else fails, it will still be an experience we wouldn't been able to have at home.

I do have a few current worries. First on the list is organising a bicycles for us, keys for the flat, buying train tickets, finishing an 8 page essay on Postmodern literature. But the sun is shining and the living is easy and I feel good...so nothing is getting me down at the moment. ADDED BONUS: when Mike and I get back from our trip, we will encounter 4 of the best, craziest MOFO's arriving in Amsterdam. yessah! Four of my friends are coming to visit, so I'll play tour-guide and teach the kids a thing or two about Dutch culture. Van Gogh, cycling without breaks or gears, survival tips on big city life, how to shop for cheap food, how to get yer groove on Amsterdam style, y'know. Show them the ropes.

ELKGEVAL...enough admin talk. Here is what I have been up to. On the 29th of April we celebrated Koninginnenag (Queens night) in Amsterdam and the next day we rolled into Koninginnedag (Queens Day) which marks the birthday of Queen Juliana, the mother and predecessor of the current Dutch Queen Beatrix (whose actual birthday is on the 31st of January). I guess they just kept the date for admin purposes. Makes sense right? Quick interval of totally irrelevant information: There is a Princess Marijke, I am famous yo! She is the youngest daughter of the previously mentioned Queen Juliana and sister of Beatrix. BAM! Royalty check.

Princess Marijke - Isn't she a cutie?
Anyway, back to Queens Day. So after Queens Night I was feeling a tad queasy and didn't really feel up to a day of festivties. But Catherine came back to the flat with a pair of Doc Marten boots in MINT condition which she purchased for 5 euros and that made me jump out of bed, fly out the flat and experience the greatest thing in the world... the Vrijmarkt which is Dutch for 'Freemarket'. The entire city was full of stalls selling clothing and used goods at SUPER LOW prices. Man we went cray. It was absolutely amazing, an entire day dedicated to free trade. Hmmm... the Dutch just can't seem to get enough of trade.

This day also sees 800 000 visitors to the city. Although Queens Day is celebrated throughout the country, people flock to Amsterdam as the biggest party happens right here.
They shut down all public transport systems to the city centre and the streets are brimming with masses of orange clad grooving troopers. The day was blessed with AMAZING weather and we all missioned around in summers outfits. We bought silly coats, tried to get on a party boat (which failed), danced in the street, went to fun rides and saw the entire city from high above on a merry go round contraption that seems to defy gravity. It was a good day to say the least.
We all pretty much failed to be orange, but we still had a good time in the sun. With the entire city drunk and orange, the place was a mess by the end of the day. We sat in Vondelpark as the sun was setting and pieces of rubbish kept blowing into our faces, most hilarious and slightly unpleasant.
We even went out for round 3 that night, but the town was pretty much dead, except for a few die-hard party goers who were bouncing around on their last legs. The streets were empty like a desert scene from the Mid-West, but instead of tumble-weed, we had crisps packets and plastic- bags and cups dancing in the wind.

So here are some photos of the day (My friends might recognise these from facebook, but for the rest...enjoy)

Saskia was doing it right

professional biking

queens night!

maggie and I

free market fun!

partay boat

partay boat close up

this is where we jammed it out

dutch beer goggles, haha

amazingly nauseating.

Vondelpark :D

silly coat is coming back with me. FOR SURE.


and the day ended in Maccie-dees. with real class.

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