Friday, 20 April 2012

My squint-eyed love

an ode to RADIOHEAD and Thom. I've always felt great sympathy towards Mr Yorke and his droopy eye, because I myself have often times been cursed with a swollen left eye due to spring time pollen and my apparent allergery to penicillin. But Thom has always given me new hope when my eye starts acting up and my confidence gets crushed. He has become a beckon of hope to those of us who suffer from temporary or permanent eye troubles. What a champ.

Hmmm, it's a Friday afternoon and I have a 2000 word essay for Monday which I haven't even started on. But this Northern European weather and my general state of melancholia has brought me to the mercy of Thom York and his talented band. So guys, I am here to do some active procrastination and dedicate this post not only to Radiohead but to all my friends with whom I have shared great moments whilst listening and dreaming away to their beautiful music.

Listening to Radiohead in itself has become a transcendental experience. When one listens to them it is as if the entire world is structured around that particular song or album, it becomes the soundtrack to the dramatic, independent French art film which is your life. So guys, this blog post is really trying to promote the band and the possibility that they might come to play on our home soil, so please please log on to Facebook and go like this page
It's really worth a shot and who knows, we might strike it lucky ey! Forget about KONY 2012 and focus your attention on RADIOHEAD 2012.

In order to get you excited, here is a list of my current top 10 favourite Radiohead songs (This was really tough to compile, but it's what I'm more or less into at this moment)

10. Reckoner
9. House of Cards
8. Down is the New Up
7. Karma Police
6. Paranoid Android
5. Give Up the Ghost
4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
3. Creep
2. Fake Plastic Trees
1. Just

Now go and practice your Lotus Flower dance moves

and just for interests sake, Yorke's girlfriend and mother of his two children, Rachel Owen is a printmaker and her work is pretty amazing, ch-ch-check it

personal favourite

One last thing...for those lucky enough to be in the Netherlands, Radiohead is coming to Amsterdam on the 14th of October 2012, so make haste and buy your ticket NOW.

Happy listening and remember to go LIKE the page pretty please


  1. but
    i like, hate radiohead :/



  2. I really like the visuals in this post.

  3. Lovely post :) and I never knew Rachel Owen was a printmaker but her work is pretty amazing indeed!

    Love from Germany, Hannah