Sunday, 26 February 2012

the procrastinators dream

i left this... see this (on the amstel river)

once again, it has been proved that every town has a 'kerk straat'

rembrandt plein by night

So, i still feel like i'm on vacation and I've got a lot of work to catch up on. getting clued about every 'post' there is to know. post structuralism, post colonial theories and post POST post modernism. post life man. so I (cleverly) decided to give up theorising about theories that have been theorised by a million other people and went out to see the city by night. here are some (slightly blurred) shots of what i saw. my best procrastination session by far.

Friday, 24 February 2012

i fly like paper

26 letters for 26 of the best
send me your address and you might get lucky too 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

dune trekking

proving that a windy beach is the best place to practice your boyband pose

i think this would be nice...when it's not 5 degrees celcius

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still pretty overwhelmed

he did IKEA like a boss
today was good for the soul. reinier and i missioned around in nature for about 4 hours today, we reached the sea, got blown away by the ice winds, visited a second world war memorial cemetery, discussed dutch modernist architecture and on the way back, visited IKEA. established in sweden, IKEA is the world's largest furniture retailer. i was sufficiently overwhelmed at the vast amount of EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WISH FOR (to furnish your house with). reinier proved to be the best tour guide and was able to convince me to join the IKEA family cult following. another perk, cheap food! every store has a cafeteria, so we had cake and bottomless coffee. and on our way out, just had to get those 50 cent hotdogs. it was a truly amazing experience...IKEA, a store like no other, hahaha

Tuesday, 21 February 2012 hey?

thanks to everyone who made an effort to come greet. this was awesome
i miss them and this is why
some predeparture posing. carine tymbios style
this is the common room at college. there is usually some korean kid jamming the amelie theme songs on the piano, which makes this a great space for feeling european
lovely lea, my new german flatmate 

this is how i get around
views from my window

ingrid and cath. glad i found them :)
I'm not Dutch enough to attempt this...
... so I just walked on the ice instead

neat little russian constructivist sculpure on stadhouderskade 

oh clooney,

museum plein. rijks up ahead, van gogh on the left


ingrid before the cast...
my view
a squatter house

found this in the 'Transvaal Buurt'
squatter restaurant. you get a 3 course meal for R40. deal right?

and this is my room

here is a quick look at what i have to put on before i leave the  house
jacket for 3 euro

15 euro find :)
thermal under shirt!

about to sneeze on leidseplein

electronic skateboard, i think it's pretty lame

carla in albert cuypstraat!

rembrandt plein
de nachtwacht restaurant

and i cut it off

It's been three weeks since I've arrived and here is my first blagh update. ever. what ish up? I'm currently living in the Northern hemisphere, a bicycle has become my only means of transport, I've seen van Gogh, Monet and Gauguin for the first time, I've walked on water, I broke my record by writing 17 letters and 4 postcards in 8 days, I've mastered cooking and I'm now a proud maker of toast and pasta, I'm officially a Dutch resident for the next 6 months, I've started drinking beer, oh and I cut my hair! To my friends and family, I miss ya'll dearly, but so far, Amsterdam is treating me well. Here are the photos of everything.