Saturday, 25 August 2012

Introducing Mr Moystad and 'Hi' 'Hello' 'Hoegaanit' I'm back

yo wazzup
Okay so it’s been established that I’m lazy and back into the full swing of what has been coined ‘South African time’ by some of my Dutch friends who got awfully annoyed by my constant tardiness. If this doesn’t make sense to you, let me explain. Upon arrival in the Netherlands (ja, I’m back in South Africa in case you wondered) I was extremely flustered and taken aback by the efficiency of the Dutch people. The pace of everyday life in Amsterdam literally zooms past you and I had quickly learnt that if you don’t hurry up and catch on, you’ll miss your train, you’ll get cycled into by Lance Armstrong wannabes that seems to crowd the bicycle lanes, you’ll be shoved out the local supermarket with half of your groceries pouring from your hands and you’ll get a thousand heavy glances from these punctual Northern Europeans who simply cannot stand your inefficient incompetence. ANYWAY this is not the point. The point is that I got used to this fast paced way of life and now after being back for nearly two months, I have regressed and reverted back to the Sub-Saharan way of doing…casually and leisurely taking everything a quarter of a step at a time. LEKKER

I should stop boring you with this nonsense and move onto better and more interesting topics...So here am I to introduce you to Gus Moystad, one of the best people in life. Gus is my Northern Hemisphere counterpart. Just to familiarise you with this fab person, here are some fun facts about the man: 

He is from Dutch and Norwegian descent

He spent part of his childhood in Lebanon (COOL)

when I googled 'Beirut', this is what I got

He digs knights

Has a great love for graphic novels and introduced me to Jason, a Norwegian comic book genius

He has (what I consider to be) rather great taste in music

He sketches like a bossdawg

And he is just your general cool guy

 ALSO Gus gave me his favourite sweater to take home and now I practically live life floating in this cottony mass of  grey delight 

These are all the activities I've been enjoying whilst wearing this sweater (it also comes in handy seeing as we're currently living through one of the coldest winters known to strike the Western Cape in years)



dik ge-urt-ing

pretending to be a pagan deity

Besides all of these lovely characteristics, Gus is my cross-continental bestie and in order to keep contact and such, we have decided to co-blog. So as I ramble on about life in Africa, he will keep you posted on how life is seen, lived and experienced in Europe through the eyes of this dashing young intellectual. 

Okay, well Gus is currently still on VAC, chilling around Amsterdam so I’ll keep posting my virtual rants whilst he conjures up something exciting. Indeed I still have to write up about my sibling adventure, the last weeks in Amsterdam and THAT blues gig. But for now I bid you adieu and hope you find something more exciting to do this weekend than write a 1000 words on the theory of social justice, gaaaaaawd. til later ya'll

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