Wednesday, 22 February 2012

dune trekking

proving that a windy beach is the best place to practice your boyband pose

i think this would be nice...when it's not 5 degrees celcius

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still pretty overwhelmed

he did IKEA like a boss
today was good for the soul. reinier and i missioned around in nature for about 4 hours today, we reached the sea, got blown away by the ice winds, visited a second world war memorial cemetery, discussed dutch modernist architecture and on the way back, visited IKEA. established in sweden, IKEA is the world's largest furniture retailer. i was sufficiently overwhelmed at the vast amount of EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WISH FOR (to furnish your house with). reinier proved to be the best tour guide and was able to convince me to join the IKEA family cult following. another perk, cheap food! every store has a cafeteria, so we had cake and bottomless coffee. and on our way out, just had to get those 50 cent hotdogs. it was a truly amazing experience...IKEA, a store like no other, hahaha

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